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Grace and Magic is about living in a state of radical grace,
imbued with the wonder of practical magic.

Grace & Magic Current Offerings

Join a Challenge, get intentional with your magical life, learn how to practice Self-Care in alignment with the seasons.

Grace is what matters in anything…
It sort of keeps you alive.

– Jeff Buckley

On the blog.

Grateful Hearts Challenge

Grateful Hearts Challenge

Gratitude changes everything. Everything. The Grateful Hearts Challenge Runs: Nov. 1 - 30, 2017 What: Daily photo prompts…

52 Weeks Of You

52 Weeks Of You

As the founder of, self love is a key foundation of my life work's that involves demonstrating…

A New Moon Ritual For Your Self-Love Journey

A New Moon Ritual for Your Self-Love Journey

This entire month the focus has been on self-care and loving ourselves. Tonight, let the New Moon’s emerging…

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