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Grace and Magic is about living in a state of radical grace,
imbued with the wonder of practical magic.

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Join a Challenge, get intentional with your magical life, learn how to practice Self-Care in alignment with the seasons.

Grace is what matters in anything…
It sort of keeps you alive.

– Jeff Buckley

Chronic Illness And Exhaustion

Chronic Illness and Exhaustion

I’ve been thinking about a question my friend Emily Mitchel, the Ritual Coach, posed the other day: Friends…

PTSD Has Stolen My Words

On December 4th I started a new part-time job. I took it on because I love my day…

30 Ways To Honor Your Experience Living With Anxiety And/or PTSD During The Holidays

30 Ways to Honor Your Experience Living with Anxiety and/or PTSD During the Holidays

The Holidays, with their seemingly blind obsession with being “Merry & Bright”, are supposed to be about joy…

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