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Grace and Magic is about living in a state of radical grace,
imbued with the wonder of practical magic.

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Join a Challenge, get intentional with your magical life, learn how to practice Self-Care in alignment with the seasons.

Grace is what matters in anything…
It sort of keeps you alive.

– Jeff Buckley

“Actually, I’ve Been Really Depressed This Week.”

“Actually, I’ve been really depressed this week.”

Recently I saw a young adult I've known a few years now. For privacy's sake I'll call them…

Because Life Goes On, Until It Doesn’t.

Because life goes on, until it doesn’t.

This week has been intense, to say the least. A friend that I work with lost her mother…

Spontaneous Gratitudes

Spontaneous Gratitudes

It is an incredibly beautiful fall day here in Olympia and I’m blown away by how in-love with…

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