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Write from your heart.

Be real, be brave, be you.

Say something that matters to you…

Say something that needs to be said…

Say something that needs to be read.

Grace & Magic is about women supporting and nurturing each other as we seek the magic within our beautiful mundane and the healing that comes from living in a state of radical grace.

Grace & Magic is about being real, being compassionate (with ourselves & each other), and being bravely ourselves.

The Nuts & Bolts of submitting to Grace & Magic

  • Remember that you hold Divine magic and you deserve unconditional Grace… And so do your readers. This means Grace & Magic does not publish pieces that are written from a fear or lack-based view – there will be no victim blaming or half-assed ‘New Age’ LOA spirituality type stuff that tells women that they attracted or called into their lives things which have harmed them, or statements which imply this.
  • You retain ownership of all material you submit to Grace & Magic, a link back mentioning you were published here is encouraged. With the exception of your personal blog or website, materials published elsewhere may not be published at Grace & Magic.
  • Please include an author bio and, if you’d like, a photo and any social media links you’d like included.
  • Grace & Magic is not able to pay for submissions.
  • Email your piece in the body of an email to ‘‘.
  • Please write “Submission” in subject line.

2018 Series Submission Deadlines:
Fall In-Love w/ Yourself February – Sunday, January 28th, 2018.
Renewal & Rebirthing – Wednesday, February 28th.

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