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I’m a believer in the power of practicing gratitude and noticing the many magical moments in our everyday mundane. My entire life is different today because of these practices – it’s infinitely richer and more beautiful because of them!

My Magical Life planner combines these practices, along with Living Intentionally, Working with the Wisdom of the Cards (Tarot, spirit decks, etc.), Reflections and Spiritual Check-Ins. It is a method for keeping on track with your To-Do’s, while remaining deeply grounded in the beauty of your life.

I like having flexibility in my planner pages – especially the daily and weekly ones. This planner has 2 daily versions and 6 weekly versions. Depending on whats going on in my life, I print up different ones. I recommend you experiment with them as well. Find what works best for you!

Because your planner needs to be as unique as you are, it includes daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly versions of the following pages:
~ Gratitudes Lists
~ Magical Moments List
~ Living with Intention
~ The Wisdom of the Cards
~ Reflections
~ Spiritual Check-In

My Magical Life planner also includes quote pages to help guide and encourage you. There is also a sweet project planning section and different list types, because lists.



~ 2 Daily versions PLUS the Day half sheet!
~ 6 Weekly versions Plus the Week half sheet!
~ Monthly Overview, with space to list the Full & New Moons
~ Blank Monthly Calendar page (vertical)
~ 12 Monthly Calendar pages with quotes (vertical)
~ Yearly Grid page
~ Project Planning pages (4 total)
~ Quotes that Inspire Me page
~ Books to Read page, with date finished column
~ Movies to Watch page, with date finished column
~ 2 Note taking pages, each with a different quote
~ Reflections Record (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Yearly versions)
~ Magical Moments Record (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Yearly versions)
~ Living with Intention (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Yearly versions)
~ The Wisdom of the Cards (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Yearly versions)
~ Spiritual Check-In (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Yearly versions)
~ Quote pages throughout that align with the different sections


— This is an instant PDF digital download product that fits Letter, 8.5”x11” paper. This contains 3 pdf files.

— Elegant minimalistic style that is beautifully suited to printing is either color or black & white.

— Print only the pages you want, as you want them to save ink & paper.

— All pages are undated so that you can use the again and again.

— Because this is a digital product, there are no refunds accepted.

— For personal use only – these files are not to be resold, shared, transferred or redistributed.

Kate Love Johnson
Grace & Magic

My Magical Life Planner

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