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Are you ready to learn how to work with natural seasonal rhythms instead of against them?

Autumn is the season of nesting and of preparing for the darkest, coldest days yet to come, it is also the time of deepest Spiritual energy. Fall is the perfect time for connecting with your ancestors, your intuition, with the true magic within you.

Fall’s energy is calling us inward, to our depths.

This 32 page magazine style guide will teach you how to create self-care practices that nourish you in harmony with this season.

The Self-Care Guide for Fall offers you ideas, support and tools for these areas in your life:

• Care for Your Spiritual Needs
• Care for Your Body
• Care for Your Mind
• Care for Your Feelings
• Care for Your Relationships

This Autumn, step deeper into your self-care practices, because life is better when you care for yourself.

For those that enjoy printing their digital items, this was designed to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.



Self-Care Guide for Autumn

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