As the seasons change so do our self-care needs.

Work with the seasons energy through purposeful (and delightful) self-care practices. The Self-Care Guide for Spring is full of tips and tools to enhance your practices.

Spring is the season of new birth and renewals. All that has laid buried and germinating in the darkness is preparing to be (re)born. It’s that urge to clean, purge, and redo. That sense that NOW is our time to be made new, again.

“I’m such a practical person, and not one to usually “indulge” in self care. With the two very busy teenagers, and having just moved here from across the Atlantic, in September, self care tends to take a back seat to settling family in while hubby is busy in a new role at work.

Having said that, your guide made me pause, regroup and attend to myself before helping others, just like they say on flights.” Naima

Spring’s energy is calling us forth.

Are you ready to learn how to work with natural seasonal rhythms instead of against them?

This 30 page guide will teach you how to create self-care practices that nourish you in harmony with this season. It addresses these core areas of your life:

Care for Your Spiritual Needs
Care for Your Body
Care for Your Mind
Care for Your Feelings
Care for Your Relationships

This spring, step deeper into your self-care practices.

The Self-Care Guide for Spring is only $2.

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