Self-Care in Spring to Support Your Renewal & Rebirthing

Monday is the Spring Equinox, a time for fresh starts and renewals.

This weekend we spent time getting busy with some much needed Spring cleaning. It’s a great way for me to mark the change of the seasons – clearing off the cobwebs and piles of papers from winter. Plus, going from clutter and chaos to cleanliness and calm always has a renewing effect on my spirit.

I can feel the energy of Spring though pulling me towards action. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey this year with the word/phrase “Focus, Thank You” as I lean into this season of renewing and rebirthing.

Each season brings with it unique challenges and opportunities. To honor and support this journey I’ve created a Self-Care Guide for Spring. I’m very excited to share this with you! This 21 page guide will teach you how to create self-care practices that nourish all of you. It will address these core areas of life:

  • Care for Your Spiritual Needs
  • Care for Your Body
  • Care for Your Mind
  • Care for Your Feelings
  • Care for your relationships

It’s on sale for only $2 – you can buy it here.

The series Renewals & Rebirthings will run the entire Spring season this year. If you’re feeling a pull to join in writing for this series, please visit the Submissions Guidelines page and send me an email with your idea. With this series lasting for three months we’ve got plenty of time to explore all sorts of different ways we’ve come to spaces of renewal and/or rebirth in our lives. I hope you’ll join us – you can sign up here to receive a weekly love note with a link to that weeks’ post.

My intention this Spring is to continue my focus on rest and restorative self-care, while also allowing myself the space to let this season’s energy of renewal draw me in new directions. I’m curious to see how the next three months play out.

How about you? In what ways are you caring for yourself? In what ways do you need to shift your self-care practices during this season of renewing?



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